Gander-pulling: English text

//Gander-pulling: English text
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 Our club, the “Folkloristische Vereniging Gawstrèkkers Beeg”, practices in the village of Grevenbicht (Netherlands, province of Limburg) a centuries old folk custom, “Gander-pulling”.  In this tradition horsemen try to behead with their hands a previously killed and prepared goose, that was hanged with their feet to a wooden staging. The winner becomes Goose-King. After the festival there is a Goose-meal.

This folk custom exists also in other parts of the world.

In English this is called: Gander-pulling or Goose-pulling, in Dutch: Ganstrekken, Gansrijden or Genkrijden, in German: Gänsereiten, in Spanish: Carreras de gansos, in Basque: Aintzara-yoku and in French: Chevauchement de l’ oie or Tirer à l’ oie. 

On this site we explain more about our club and we let the visitors take part in our investigations to the history and the diffusion of Gander-pulling.

The photographs will give you a feeling for the festive mood. A summary in English of the Dutch text is under construction.

We strongly ask if any of you can help us with our investigation of the history of Gander-pulling and other related public amusement.
Could you tell us more about the role that the goose plays in the culture of popular amusement?
Have you ever seen these forms of national customs in any part of the world? Are you in possession of pictures/images? Do you know of any literature? Please: Let us know!

We would like to share our knowledge with you.

Please, leave your message here……